Keratin Progressive Blow-dry


Revolutionary treatment for your hair!

This treatment is known as Brazilian Blow-dry, progressive blow-dry, or "escova progressiva" in Brazil where it originates. In the UK, it has been available for about 3 years.

The Keratin Progressive Blow Dry, lasts anywhere from six weeks to 4 months, depending on the hair type, wash frequency and after care. Better results in chemically treated or damaged hair.

Suitable to any type of hair,
Whether you have straight or curly hair, fighting frizz is a major battle. 

Humid weather, air conditioning and other environmental factors mean that you can suffer from frizziness at some point. The Keratin Blow-Dry eliminates the dreaded fluffiness and replace it with soft, smooth, defined hair. 

There are many names for these services - the Brazilian blow-dry, Keratin smoothing treatments and the permanent blow-dry, and there's also a host of myths surrounding what happens and how.

Myth: Smoothing treatments can damage the hair.

Truth: Keratin-based smoothing treatment is exactly what the name suggests - a treatment. It is not a chemical service. The secondary benefit of this service is that it smoothes, softens and eliminates frizz and, as a result, provides fantastic hair manageability. In fact, the more treatments a client has, the better the condition of her hair because it will be fully infused with keratin, which repairs damaged areas with the actual protein of the hair.

Myth: The treatments contain harmful chemicals.

Truth: Some treatments do contain formaldehyde. However, European regulations state that it should not comprise more than .2% of the treatment. Many also contain urea, which, when heated, releases a form of aldehyde. 

Myth: Smoothing treatments will cause colour to fade.

Truth: Traditional straightening systems that were sodium hydroxide or thio-based generally caused some degree of colour fade. The new technology and science behind recently developed keratin systems has minimised this problem.


Myth: The Brazilian Keratin smoothing service is a permanent straightening treatment.

Truth: Brazilian blow-dry smoothing treatments are actually semi-permanent as they gradually fade over four months rather than growing out like chemical straightening systems. Keratin-based smoothing treatments enable you to re-treat the full head of hair over and over again to help build the keratin in it. With permanent straightening treatments, you will only focus on the root growth every few months. 

Myth: It's high maintenance.

Truth: It's exactly the opposite, providing you use the right aftercare products. Products with a keratin ingredient will work alongside the keratin in the treatment, so ensure shampoos contain a keratin element. Clients don't have to use conditioner for the first six to eight weeks as the keratin has already been applied to the hair and closed down the cuticles. In the summer, it can be left to dry naturally, and in the winter it needs only a quick blow-dry. If the right aftercare products are used, hair won't be left greasy and heavy, but will be soft and natural.  

Myth: Hair can't be washed after having the treatment.

Truth: Never washing your hair after a treatment is a big myth. Once a client has had a treatment, we recommend not washing your hair for two to three days to allow the hair to settle, and then wash it using a sodium chloride-free shampoo. This is a gentle shampoo and will help prolong the life of the treatment. Washing the hair before this time will not harm it; it simply reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.  

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