Dynamic professional with 13 years of experience since qualifying in 1999 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I learned to work with many different hair types – from fine straight European hair to coarse mixed raced and Afro hair.  It was in Brazil that I developed the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to succeed as hairdresser in UK, where I have been resident and working since 2004.

Initially, my lack of English led me to freelance within Portuguese and Spanish speaking communities.  However, I soon gained the confidence to work as part of a team on the salon floor.

As a Brazilian, I was fortunate enough to learn cutting edge techniques at their inception; these have now gone on to be huge worldwide successes.  The Brazilian Blow-Dry being just one of these, I was one of the first practitioners to provide this treatment in UK.  In the preceding years I have performed over 2500 treatments independently in over 8 countries: Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Egypt and Turkey. 

My passion for the technical aspects of hairdressing has remained constant throughout my career, namely – colouring, straightening and hair extensions. In the past 13 years I have developed and honed a plethora of different techniques to remain current in the market, always looking to push boundaries and set trends.

I am pleased to be able to meet and exceed my clients’ expectations by being up to date with all the latest trends and emerging techniques on the market.  This is further complemented by my ability to converse fluently in four different languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.