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Dee Curran

I am so pleased to have met Marcio. I have been a client of his since 2009 and the results are always exceptional. Marcio is professional, progressive and great company - so our appointments are always fun. He will have great success in his career - and I hope to be with him for a long time to come. So book with him while he can still fit us in !!

Amanda Coveney 

"Marcio has been looking after my hair for the past couple of years and he really is the daddy of hair extensions.

My hair looks natural, in good condition and Marcio is the only hairdresser that ensures I look great and my hair flatters me without looking too "done"...I would highly recommend him for colour cut and natural looking extensions...he is also a wonderful, lovely man too…"

Weronika Smolilo 

"I have known Marcio for about a year and a half now, and I can certainly say, that my life has changed diametrically since then. Moreover, it was on his merit. After several years of getting my hair cruelly bleached, it just stopped growing long. That was just when I started growing up mentally and appreciating the beauty of long, healthy hair. Going for a friend's recommendation, I found Marcio, and soon afterwards I got my first hair extensions done with him. I was fairly shocked, the results were way better than I expected. I am not a specialist in this area, but I was aware of the possible damage that comes with extensions, however this issue has never occurred in my case, due to Marcio's magic techniques (yes, he really is magical...). My hair started growing long again and it looks and feels healthier than ever! I am just not quite sure I want to stop getting Marcio's extensions when my natural hair finally reaches the desirable length... The volume, the incredible shine and vividness as well as my gained self confidence and the scent of pride when I turn heads wherever I go... Believe me or not (that's totally up to you), but I really have become a different, better myself and that was done and achieved with the great help of the incredible Marcio. I will always be thankful to Marcio for making me a happier person."

Somi Guha 

"I have been one of Marcio's customers for hair extensions for the past 8 months. I have loved  what he has done for my hair and I would recommend him to anyone. He has transformed my hair while still making it look very natural. I can't imagine my hair looking any different now and no one has ever guessed I have extensions.  He is an artist and I feel very lucky to have met him accidentally but he is now the only person I would turn to do for my hair extensions."

Ma N.

"I have been putting extensions continuously for the last 15 years. Marcio have been doing my hair for the last 4 years, I believe that Marcio is the best hairdresser that did my hair. Marcio is very professional , he is so artistic in mixing the colours of extensions together . 
Unlike other hairdressers, Marcio makes the hair very comfortable after applying the extensions , it never pulls or tangles. Also the bond is very strong and never falls off until he removes it.
The quality of hair is very good and the way he designs the lines of hair makes it look very natural .
Marcio colours my hair before applying the extensions , I found Marcio is much better in colouring my hair than the famous hairdressers in London.
Last but not least , Marcio is very responsible , accurate and reliable. He respect his appointments so much and will do his best to reach perfection in his work."